TO BE WORLDWIDE is a Foundation that helps children in developing countries realise their full potential, allowing them to help build their communities in the future. Founded in 2002 To Be Worldwide builds educational facilities that complement the existing school structure. Facilities offer a children's library, a computer Centre and an activities program, all designed to stimulate and develop skills for a better future. The facilities operate in partnership with local primary- and junior secondary schools.

To Be Worldwide is member of the American Fund for Charities, a 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt organisation. ANBI


Donate a Solar Light !

15 juni 2015

Ghana is in the middle of an electricity crisis! Many are experiencing hardship as a result, including our children. If there is no electricity, no light in the evenings, they can not do their homework which leads to poor results at school. We now have a wonderful solution for them!! The Wakawaka Solar light. When fully charged it provides 80 hours of light!

Waka Waka offers a ‘Buy One = Give One' opportunity for  To Be Worldwide. If a Waka Waka Power (a very useful combined Solar light and mobile phone charger)  is bought, Waka Waka donates a Solar light to one of our children in Ghana.


With the Waka Waka Power you will never be without light or an opportunity to charge your phone. Great for holiday's or simply a great present !!! An absolute win-win situation.

The Waka Waka Power is available in Black, White or our very own To Be Worldwide Yellow, for the price of  € 69.- euro's. It is packaged in a fun 100% recycled PC-ABS and is high impact resistant!

Have we arroused your interest! Great!, Please fill in the orderform which you can find using the following link  As soon as your payment has been received your Wakawaka Power will be with you as soon as possible (approx 2 working days in the Netherlands, internationally by regular mail).



Football and To Be Worldwide

11 April 2015

To Be Worldwide strongly believes in the "Brain boost" ! How Sport and Physical activity enhance children’s learning. With that in mind we are adding football to the Saturday activities.

  When the Centre closes at 14:00 around 30 (under 14) children head out to the football field for their football training and to watch the match/training of the older boys.  We hope to be able to upgrade the football pitch in the future and acquiring the necessary training material and gear for the children to make it a wonderful experience.

Alumni Workshop

7 February 2015

The first ever Alumni Workshop was held at the Takoradi Educational Centre today.  We had the pleasure of welcoming our former students...even from our humble beginnings in 2004. We had a wonderful day looking at how To Be Worldwide could help our alumni in the future and how our alumni could be more 


involved with the activities at our Centre today.There were many useful suggestions and Frank and Qweku were appointed Alumni co-ordinators for the 2015-2016 and will help bring together our Alumni and help us better understand their needs.

All the Alumni who attended the workshop offered To Be Wordwide a wish for the future. We were very touched by their commitment to To Be Worldwide.


News from Cerise...our volunteer

14 December 2014

Hello my name is Cerise Tete and I started as a volunteer at the To Be Worldwide centre in October. I have spent the last few weeks learning everything about the centre, figuring out how everything works and getting to know the children and the staff. I found out lots of children attend the centre each day and every single day there are still new children coming to register for the library or the computer course.


At the moment I’m developing more language activity cards for the children. There are already some activity cards in the library and the children really enjoy making the cards and trying to improve their reading skills. The great thing about these cards is that the children can make the cards individually, so they can do the cards even when there is no teacher available. The activity cards are not suitable for all reading levels yet, so now I am making more activity cards so they will be suitable for all reading levels and all children attending the centre.


Making Memories - A digital photography Course

11 August 2014

We are about to embark on the project "Making Memories" A digital photography workshop in which Grandparents and grandchildren in Ghana and the Netherlands share and make memories with photo’s and stories


 The workshop will be given by Caro Bonink, Photographer and Joyce Corver, her assistant. Caro has ran a Digital Photography Course 6 years ago in Takoradi....her former students (see pictures) can't wait to see her again!

"Sometimes you will never know the value
of a moment until it becomes a memory"


Wonderful Workshops at Takoradi Centre

29 March 2014

For the second time now...and we believe it is going to be an annual event...the workshops held at the Centre were a great success !!! Madelon Mijnster and her son Jurriaan ran a workshop about setting up an Internet Business. The children couldn't have been in better hands with Gaby Rappange



and her son Max when it comes to what it takes to work in the Advertising business. A better understanding of the importance of Hygiene can save lives!! How do germs spread? Or what happens when you drink dirty water? The Hygiene workshop given by Monique Cornelisse and her daughter Claire was very educational.

Expert input for our Educational Programs

14 November 2013

For period of 7 months we have had the good fortune of the expert input of Gery Verlinden. Gery Verlinden is a primary school teacher from the Netherlands who has helped us develop a number of educational programs for the children at our Centre.



Her structured approach included colour coding the library and developing language skills exercises for each colour. These exercises help children not only develop their language skills but were also developed in such a way that they addressed the need for children to learn to work independently and in a logical structure.


Reading Club

25 September 2013

It had come to our attention that some of our library members, who are from the public schools we work with tended to read the same kind of books and were not progressing fast enough. With that in mind we set up a "Reading Course" trial with 10 children. We were soon confronted by the immediate need to further support these children with reading skills activities as the level was quite low.


Classes are often over 40 children with 1 teacher, thus not allowing the teacher the opportunity to spend enough time on children that require extra assistance.

We have now implemented a "Reading Club" cycle of 6 weeks to help children referred to us by their teacher with their reading skills. Stella Arthur and Gery Verlinden, both dedicated teachers have been very successful in helping children achieve progress. With support we hope to continue and expand the program.


16 April 2013

There are 1'292'000 Internet users in Ghana (2010). Of these Users 854,380 are on Facebook (2011)  These figures are predicted to grow very fast. Although it is not clear how many of these users are children there is no doubt they are users or will be in the future. This includes the children from our Centre


With the growing numbers and issues like cyber crime and predators who are intent on doing harm out there on the internet, it is our task to prepare the children we teach to use the internet safely. It is with that in mind that we have developed an Internet Safety Training and a set of Posters that help remind the children to be aware

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Workshops at Takoradi Centre

30 January 2013

In January we welcomed Madelon Oudshoorn Spaargaren and her daughter Berine Mijnster (her other daughter Pomeline was already at the Centre ☺) Gaby Rappange, Monique Cornelisse (who had been to our Centre the year before) and her daughter Anne Rose Cornelisse, to our Takoradi Centre.


They came prepared! First of all they brought along a lot of toys and presents for all the kids and all the material they needed to run their fun, creative and educational workshops. Madelon had prepared a workshop on “Building and Design” using different types of materials and playmobil to build rooms and a village with the children. She was assisted by Pomeline.

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