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All about the To Be Worldwide Foundation

Information on the Ghanaian educational system.

Ghana is endowed with a good education system' a statement made by BBC News monitoring Department. The History of education in Ghana dates back to 1592.

Over the centuries education has had different goals, from spreading the Gospel to creating an elite group to run the colony.

After Ghana gained its independence in 1957 the education system, then modelled on the British system, has undergone a series of reforms.

Especially the reforms in the 1980?s geared the education system away from purely academic to more in tune with the nations manpower needs

The present structure of education, which starts at the age of 6 years, consists of 6 years of primary education, 3 years of Junior Secondary School, 3 years of Senior Secondary School and 4 years University or courses at other tertiary institutions. The first 9 years form the basic education are free and compulsory.

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